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LISTEN/DL <== ==> LINK 2 <== ~~Twista (Rap)~~ "All The Finest Things (Feat. Kanye West)" [Shout] ==> LISTEN/DL <== ==> LINK 2 <== ~~Snoop Dogg (Rap)~~ "Maybe Tonight (Feat. Clipse & Fabolous)"..." href=""> FreSh New MuSiC

March 31 2011, 21:55pm

Posted by BigJamz

~~Trina (Rap)~~
"Black Bird (Feat. Teairra Mari)" [No Shout]
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~~Twista (Rap)~~
"All The Finest Things (Feat. Kanye West)" [Shout]
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~~Snoop Dogg (Rap)~~
"Maybe Tonight (Feat. Clipse & Fabolous)" [Shout]
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~~DeAngelo Redman (R&B)~~
"Hurricane" [Official Debut Single/Prod. Godfather] MuStHaVe!
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~~RaVaughn Brown (R&B)~~
"Just A Little More'" Nice!
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~~Steven Russell (R&B)~~
"Comeback" Nice!
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Update w/ NoShout
**NEWGROUP~~Nexx Chapter (Rap/R&B)~~NEWGROUP**
"Thing For Her (Feat. Jason Derulo)" [Prod. Fliptones & TonyBreakdown]
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More Info: Nexx's Facebook
 Rest Of New Music:
Tiwa Savage - What Do I Do
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
One Chance - Ditto [Shout/Prod. Don Vito]
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
Pitbull - Nasty Girl (Feat. Wynter  Gordon)
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
Nu Jerzey Devil - Gots To Have It (Feat. Street Ka$h, Tone Trump & Mysonne)
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
Sean Cross *NEWARTIST* - Ready Ready (Feat. & Prod. Swizz Beatz) [Shout]
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
Claude Kelly - Brave [Shout/Prod. Dr Luke]
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
David Guetta - Like A Machine (Feat. Amanda) [Shout]
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
Francisco - Start It Up [Shout/Prod. Odd.N.Endz] HOT!
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
JayShawn - They Know
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
J. Lewis - My Whole World Ended
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
JL and Mackey - Back 2 The Future
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
Jre Riley - With Benafits [Shout]
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
Junior - Tear The Club Down [Shout/Prod. Drumma Boy]
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
Juicy J - Who Da Neighbors [Prod. Lex Luger]
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
Mike Beatz & Adonis - Who I Do It For (Feat. Termanology & AZ)
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==

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Leak Preview: Jim Jones - Capo

March 31 2011, 19:24pm

Posted by BigJamz

Capo is the fifth album by Harlem's rapper, Jim Jones. The new album is produced by Triple-A, Logic, araabMUZIK, Aaron LaCrate, Debonair Samir, and more ... The album features Game, Ashanti, Lloyd Banks, Chink Santana, Wyclef, and more ... The lead single for Capo is "Perfect Day". Support him and buy his new album on April 5th!!
~~Track Preview~~
"Take A Bow (Feat. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy & Sen City)"
==> LITSNE/DL <==

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Video Premiere: Katy Perry - E.T. (Feat. Kanye West)

March 31 2011, 18:58pm

Posted by BigJamz

The wait is over! Here's the highly anticipated new video from Pop singer Katy Perry. It's the remix of her new single, "E.T." wich features rapper Kanye West.

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Video Premiere: Crown J - I'm Good (Feat. Young Dro)

March 31 2011, 18:36pm

Posted by BigJamz

South Korean's rapper, Crown J just released the visual for his single, "I'm Good". The song features Grand Hustle's rapper, Young Dro.

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Video Premiere: Young Dro - Polo Down

March 31 2011, 18:20pm

Posted by BigJamz

Grand Hustle's rapper, Young Dro should release soon his third album, P.O.L.O. (Players Only Live Once). Here's the video premiere for his new single, "Polo Down".

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Video Premiere: Marques Houston - Ghetto Angel (Feat. Immature)

March 31 2011, 02:56am

Posted by BigJamz

Ten years after their slip, Marques Houston reunites with his former group Immature in the video for "Ghetto Angel" originally featured on his solo album Mattress Music released in 2010.

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Video Premiere: Diddy-Dirty Money - Your Love (Remix) (Feat. Trey Songz & Rick Ross)

March 31 2011, 02:51am

Posted by BigJamz

Brand new video from Diddy-Dirty Money! "Your Love" is the new single to be release off their album Last Train To Paris. The song features R&B singer Trey Songz and for the remix the BO$$, Rick Ross!
Update w/ Final Version

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Video Premiere: Travis Porter - College Girl

March 31 2011, 02:48am

Posted by BigJamz

New video premiere from Travis Porter, it's their song "College Girl".

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LISTEN/DL <== ==> LINK 2 <== ~~Ciara (R&B)~~ 3UnrlsdTracks: "Say No [Prod. Polow Da Don]/Homie & Lover Type [Prod. Jasper Cameron & Tricky Stewart]/Don't Talk..." href=""> FreSh New MuSiC

March 30 2011, 21:59pm

Posted by BigJamz

~~Laza Morgan (Reggae/R&B)~~
"One By One (Feat. Mavado)" [New Single/Prod. Bunetta] HOT!
==> LISTEN/DL <==
==> LINK 2 <==
~~Ciara (R&B)~~
3UnrlsdTracks: "Say No [Prod. Polow Da Don]/Homie & Lover Type [Prod. Jasper Cameron & Tricky Stewart]/Don't Talk About Me [Prod. Tricky Stewart]"
==> LINK 1 - LINK 2 <==
~~Britney Spears (Pop)~~
"Scary" [Femme Fatale's Japan Bonus Track/Prod. Fraser T. Smith]
==> LISTEN/DL <==
==> LINK 2 <==
~~Mateo (R&B)~~
"Love & Stadiums" [Mixtape]
==> LINK <==
~~Mary J. Blige (R&B)~~
"Someone To Love Me (Naked) (Feat Diddy & Lil Wayne)" [New Single]
==> LISTEN/DL <==
==> LINK 2 <==
Update w/ Mastered
~~Kem (R&B)~~
"If It's Love (Feat Chrisette Michele)" [New Single]
==> LISTEN/DL <==
==> LINK 2 <==
~~Jennifer Lopez (R&B)~~
"I'm Into You (Feat. Lil Wayne)" [LOVE?'s 2nd Single]
==> LISTEN/DL <==
==> LINK 2 <==
~~Birdman (Rap)~~
"I Get Money (Feat. T-Pain, Lil Wayne, & Mack Maine)" [Bigga Than Life's 1st Single]
==> LISTEN/DL <==
==> LINK 2 <==
~~Big K.R.I.T. (Rap)~~
"Return Of 4Eva" [Free Album]
==> LINK <==
ReSt Of New JamZ:
Aaron Sledge - Heaven Knows [NoShout]
==> LISTEN/DL - LINK 2 <==
Swollen Members - Do or Die
==> LISTNE/DL - LINK 2 <==

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BMF Shop: This Week Albums & Singles In Stores

March 30 2011, 18:55pm

Posted by BigJamz


Femme Fatale

 F.a.m.e.Rolling Papers

Doggumentary Music [Explicit]Something Big

Revenue Retrievin: Graveyard ShiftRevenue Retrievin: Overtime Shift

Fly on the WallI Remember Me 

Return of Mr Zone 6Give the Drummer Some

I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance:The Remix AlbumBashtown

W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)Still Troy [Explicit]

BUY Britney Spears - Femme Fatale: iTunes/Amazon - Deluxe: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Chris Brown - F.A.M.E.: iTunes/Amazon - Deluxe: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Snoop Dogg - Doggumentary: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Mary Mary - Something Big: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Wiz Khalifa - Rolling Papers: iTunes/Amazon - Deluxe: iTunes

BUY E-40 - Revenue Retrievin Overtime Shift: iTunes/Amazon

+ Graveyard Shift: iTunes/Amazon

Deluxe 2 albums: iTunes

BUY Bobby V - Fly On The Wall: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Jennifer Hudson - I Remember Me: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Ke$ha - I Am The Dance Commander....:iTunes/Amazon

BUY Gucci Mane - The Return of Mr. Zone 6: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Travis Barker - Give The Drummer Some: iTunes/Amazon - Deluxe: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Baby Bash - Bashtown:iTunes/Amazon

BUY Pharoahe Monch - W.A.R.: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Pastor Troy - Still Troy: iTunes/Amazon



Someone To Love Me (Naked) Cupid

If It's Love null

I Got This (feat. Juelz Santana) [Explicit]John [Explicit]

A$$-ETS [Explicit] Best Love Song

Love Affair [Explicit]Money Drunk [Explicit]

Waist So Skinny (Feat. Rick Ross) [Explicit]On And On And Beyond [Explicit]

One By One (feat. Mavado)This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like [Explicit]

My GirlTop Of The World

2 Is BetterRocketeer

nullBorn This Way (The Remixes Pt. 1)

BUY Mary J. Blige - Someone To Love Me (Naked):iTunes/Amazon

BUY Lloyd - Cupid:iTunes/Amazon 

BUY Kem - If It's Love: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Pusha T - My God: iTunes

BUY Asap - I Got This:iTunes/Amazon

BUY  Lil Wayne - John: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Young Chris - A*$-ETS: iTunes/Amazon

BUY T-Pain - Best Love Song: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Lil Twist - Love Affair: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Mack & Malone - Money Drunk: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Trina - Waist So Skinny: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Mac Miller - On & On Beyond EP: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Laze Morgan - One By One: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Black Porcelaine - This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like: iTunes/Amazon 

BUY Mindless Behavior - My Girl (Remix): iTunes/Amazon

BUY The Cataracs - Top of The World: iTunes/Amazon

BUY Far East Movement - 2 Is Better:iTunes/Amazon

+ Rockeeter (Remixes):iTunes/Amazon

BUY Lady GaGa - Born This Way (The Remixes Pt.2): iTunes/AMazon

+ Born This Way (The Remixes Pt.1): iTunes/Amazon

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